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Protect your business with MTA Business Legal Advance
Our unique legal membership club gives you the peace of mind that your
business is protected and able to deal with any legal issues while you keep
control of the cost. From company formation and contract reviews to employee
grievance or trading disputes, get immediate assistance at discounted rates.

A Members Legal Club for Your Business

MTA Business Legal Advance - Your Solution

Everyone understands the need to insure your home and your car, but what about covering the legal risks of your business?

Your business could encounter legal issues at any time, whether it be an HR issue, employment contract or trading dispute, a regulatory, property management or office
premises problem.

Who would you call for immediate legal assistance? How would you pay?

With MTA Business Legal Advance membership you have instant access to legal advice across all our services and peace of mind that your costs will be less if you need
to use a Solicitor.

Our service is competitively priced and you have immediate access to a Solicitor to advise you, at discounted rates.

secure payments SECURE PAYMENTS
Manage your account policy cover and fees with one of the internets most popular, secure and trusted payment merchant.

Manage your Cover and Fees
immediate access IMMEDIATE ACCESS
Either on the phone or by appointment you will have immediate and direct access to a Solicitor for legal advice across any of our services.

Contact our Solicitors
legal advice LEGAL
Your membership entitles you to legal advice regarding any legal issue plus a 10% discount on our hourly rate should you proceed with your case.

Contact us for Legal Advice
peace of mind PEACE OF MIND
Continue with your day to day life with the total peace of mind that you are covered for any legal issues you may face.

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