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What are the benefits to joining Legal Advance Services?

Chances are that one day you will need legal advice or the assistance of a solicitor at some stage of your businesses life. Legal Advance offers the protection you need for when legal assistance is necessary. Our membership offers both legal advice and assistance in all areas such as new contracts, moving offices, disputes and much more. Our services cover the legal risks of your business and ensures immediate legal assistance should anything arise. Businesses can encounter legal issues at any time in any area of your business, so our services ensure that your business is covered from all angles.?

Who do you ring? Where do you start?

With MTA Business Legal Advance Services there is no doubt or confusion who to turn to in any event where legal assistance is necessary. By becoming a member you can ring a dedicated helpline to get legal advice and then if your issue warrants legal intervention you will get it at discounted rates and often on a no win no fee agreement anyhow. Our legal services cut out the middleman ensuring that your legal issue is dealt with directly. How do you know you’re getting the service you need? Again MTA Business Legal Advance Services get rid of any doubt because you’ll be talking to the people who actually deal with your claim and not just pass it on to someone for a big referral fee.

Whatever life throws at you requiring the services of a Solicitor or someone to talk to about your problem MTA Business Legal Advance Services will give you daily peace of mind that you are ready and prepared for life’s trickier moments.

Surely I can just pop in to any Solicitor if I have a problem?

Of course you can. However, with MTA Business Legal Advance, our services allow you to contact us about your businesses legal needs in time that is convenient to you. When choosing a solicitor to handle your businesses legal issues, it is always a great idea to ensure that they are the right practice for you. In addition to your search, always ensure that any charges are made clear from the outset so that no hidden nasty crop up.

I’ve no use for this as I’ve never had a legal problem

Understandable, but it is always a good idea to protect your business legally despite the current absence of any legal issues. Most people for instance will need a Solicitor when an employment contract or trading dispute needs resolving. These types of legal services will also be discounted for members. With employees knowing more about their rights and consumers becoming more aware of goods and service standards, there is a much greater need for legal opinion at some stage for most, and being prepared is the most sensible option. For example most people will have breakdown and recovery for their car and pay a monthly amount, so why not have something similar for your business.

What happens if I have an existing legal problem and want to join?

If you are using another legal service provider for your problem then you must continue to do so. Ideally you would have seen someone soon after your problem occurred and they will have had control from the outset with a far better understanding of the issues involved with your case. Obviously if you are having worries over something which could be cleared up with the use of MTA Business Legal Advance services and you haven’t sought any legal assistance at the time of joining we are more than happy to help. Having a problem could be the very reason to join!

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